The Cold Atom Predoc School is organized every year in Les Houches School of Physics, in the framework of the GDR Atomes froids in the continuity of a PhD program started in 2004 (*). The objective of the school is to give students starting a PhD thesis in this field all the necessary knowledge on Laser cooling and trapping, Ultra-cold collisions, Quantum gases and superfluidity, and Optical lattices for the success of their project. This year, the school will in addition focus on the flourishing topic of Quantum simulations with cold atoms - offering series of lectures on temporal driving and topology, non-equilibrium dynamics, quantum magnetism, and quantum transport-, in addition to an opening to the physics of polaritons.

The school will take place from September 13 to September 24, 2021. Registrations are open from March 24 to June 13, 2021. For now, the school is planned to be held in-person, thanks to the running vaccination campaigns in many countries. However, as the situation is still uncertain regarding the Covid-19, changes may occur. We will keep this page updated.

To contact the organizers: coldatoms2021@sciencesconf.org

(*) Follow here for information about the previously held session.



Week 1

Franck Pereira Dos Santos (LNE-SYRTE, Observatoire de Paris, France): Laser cooling and trapping

Ana Maria Rey (NIST-JILA, University of Colorado, USA): Ultra-cold collisions

Mikhail Baranov (University of Innsbruck, Austria): Quantum gases and superfluidity

David Clément (Laboratoire Charles Fabry, Institut d’Optique, France): Optical lattices

Week 2

Monika Aidelsburger (University of Munich, Germany): periodically driven optical lattices and topology

Hans-Peter Büchler (University of Stuttgart, Germany): Quantum magnetism

Thierry Giamarchi (University of Geneva, Switzerland): Quantum transport 

Zoran Hadzibabic (University of Cambridge, UK): Non-equilibrium dynamics

Iacopo Carusotto (University of Trento, Italy): Quantum simulations with quantum fluids of light


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